Let's just outline some basic facts here:

In 2001 you had five NFL football games: NFL Fever, Madden, NFL 2K, NFL Gameday and NFL Quarterback Club. 

In 2001-02 you had five NBA games: NBA Courtside, NBA Live, NBA 2K2, NBA Inside Drive and NBA Shootout. 

Also in 2001-02 you had four NHL games: NHL Hitz, NHL (Series), NHL 2K2 and NHL FaceOff. 

And finally, in 2003 you had six MLB Baseball Games: MLB Slugfest, All Star Baseball, MVP, MLB (Pre-Show era), World Series Baseball and High Heat. 

Now due to a combination of exclusivity deals and poor business your decision gets made for you. We'll cover those exclusivity deals in a second but we just wanted younger gamers to realize that we once had a choice in a time so long ago that Tom Brady hadn't won a championship yet and even Steve Bartman's parents had no idea who the hell he was.