The 10 Most Shocking Roles Played By Former Child Stars

9. Scott Schwartz as Himself in Scotty’s X-Rated Adventure (1996)

On the surface, Scott Schwartz may not be a household name, but you’ll instantly recognize him with these three words: A Christmas Story. OK, one more word: flagpole. Got it now?

Schwartz played Flick, who famously got his tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole. It turns out that ol’ Scotty put that famous organ to use once again in the '90s, but this time it was in a porno movie, aptly titled Scotty’s X-Rated Adventure.

The plot of the movie, if you can call it that, involved Schwartz trying to learn about the porn industry from a busty star of the business. She agreed to teach him under one condition—that he attend one of her orgies without having sex with anyone. Schwartz actually had an extended run in the porn industry in the ‘90s, playing roles like EMT Worker #2 and Agent Big Knob in movies like Flashpoint and Booby Trap.

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