When the Galaxy S IV launches later this year it will come running Android Jelly Bean, the latest and greatest version of Google's operating system. Running atop that will be Samsung's Touch Wiz UI. But that's not the headliner-that distinction goes to a suite of new features aimed at making your phone easier to use and, well, more useful.

Two new "Smart" features use the phones camera to detect when you're looking at it. Smart Pause automatically pauses a video when it senses that you look away from your phone. Smart Scroll allows you to tilt the phone forward or backward to scroll through a document or a web page. There are also features that Samsung borrowed from the Galaxy Note II that allow you to maneuver through menus, galleries, and other onscreen things by merely hovering your finger over them.

Oh, the S IV can now replace your Nike FuelBand thanks to S Health, Samsung's health app which tracks your steps, movement, and your caloric intake.