As you can imagine, CEOs of tech companies are valued just as highly, if not higher, than topday's top-paid professional athletes. Major tech companies have made it a priority to splurge on the best available executives, offering insane severance packages on top of large multimillion-dollar salaries. So whether they run a corporation into bankruptcy or transform it into a Fortune 500 business, a huge payday is guaranteed whether they get fired, resign, or retire.

Just a few days ago, Groupon co-founder and former CEO Andrew Mason was ousted from his own company, walking away with just $378 in severance pay. But don't weep for him: He'll soon have $34 million thanks to his shares in the company. Crazy thing is Mason’s not the only one to cash out big upon his termination. Here's a look at the 10 Biggest Severance Packages Given to Tech CEOs.

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