Cover Star: Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald
Year: 2009

Yes, Madden NFL 10 is two slots in front of Madden NFL 11 despite me saying Madden NFL 11 was the pinnacle of modern Maddenonity. This is because Madden NFL 10 found John Madden's gobbly, reductive ass being fully sent out to pasture, allowing the golden throats of Tom Hammond and Chris Collinsworth to provide all the commentary. While this didn't resolve Madden NFL 10's issues with physics or actually being, like, fun, it was still way less likely that you muted Madden NFL 10 in favor of literally any other sound including silence. Madden NFL 10 might have been the equivalent of a King Crimson album in that it managed to be immersive and complicated thought not necessarily fun, but then again some people are really, really into King Crimson, and we have to respect that.