As part of 30 Rock's final season, Tina Fey does us all a favor and gives a tour of Liz Lemon's office, based on her real-life office as a writer at Saturday Night Live. Seriously, what's going to happen when this woman's no longer on TV? She has best friend and Golden Globes cohost Amy Poehler's BUST magazine cover hanging on the wall. "I put it up, even though if that's Amy Poehler, then who am I? Turns into The Stepfather."

Fey also introduces us to a beloved tape dispenser—"I plan on stealing this guy, cause he's family to me. Ol' Tape-Mouthy."—and the fake poster for Liz and Jenna's Second City act, which she says is almost identical to the one she had with fellow SNL alum Rachel Dratch.

We hope she really did send Mindy Kaling the picture of Liz & Floyd.

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[via Vulture]