More bad news for Lindsay Lohan's supposed comeback vehicle The Canyons. In addition to having lost all semblance of promise thanks to that New York Times article and that leaked clip featuring her with co-star James Deen, The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that film festival SXSW has rejected the movie on because of "quality issues." What sort of quality issues, you ask?

"It’s got an ugliness and a deadness to it," one festival insider reportedly commented. Ouch.

This is the second film festival that has rejected the project, which was produced by Braxton Pope and written by Twitter-addict Bret Easton Ellis. The first to reject the film was none other than SundanceDouble ouch.

According to Pope, they're still waiting on "official word" from SXSW, but things clearly aren't looking good for this film. Maybe Lilo should seriously consider that Dancing With the Stars offer after all? 

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]