Leave it to the Internet to place a dollar sign in front of your soul. 

Web prankster Tom Scott did just that by launching a site called Soul Compare this week. The site uses an "arbitrary algorithm" to determine the worth of your soul, although the jokes it's Facebook Timeline. Scott calls it a "new startup that'll disrupt the old and slow-selling industry;" we call it a clever way to poke fun at the tech world's pretension.

Scott tells The Next Web the idea for a play on insurer's valuation sites came to him while shopping online at a store where you could get a $1 discount in exchange for a Facebook like.

"That led me to the question: How far would people compromise their social profiles, and ultimately their morals, in exchange for a discount?" he said. "Could you get someone to change their profile picture for a free sandwich?" 

Considering the site's potential to go viral, the answer is probably yes. 

[via The Next Web]