Appears In: "Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too"

Here at City Guide, we're huge proponents of experimental theater. Which is why we can say with much certainty that the rehearsal scene in Girls missed the fact that "experimental" is generally synonymous with "nudity." Great, the show got the pretentious philosophical undertone right, but there's usually at least a little swinging full frontal too. Also, the theater space in the show is way too big. But in the show's defense, any conceivable space would be too big. These experimental shows are held in closets inside studio apartments or in front of one tree in the park, as to not interfere with the pick-up soccer game going on at the nearby field. At any moment in time in New Yok, there are hundreds of these shows happening. In fact, it's difficult to hear these productions because the noise from the other productions on the same block, or even the same building, often interferes with the performance. Luckily, every single play going on in Gotham is written up in Time Out, so you should be able to choose the one that suits you, any time, any place, any sort of jiggling sex organ.

Verdict: Way Cooler Than It Is in Girls