The ongoing battle for video-streaming supremacy has a new challenger. AT&T has expanded its U-Verse television service by adding streaming movies for viewing on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

For an extra $5 a month, U-Verse subscribers will have access to movies; the service is called Screen Pack. In a recent statement, AT&T added that new movies will be available as early as a month before Netflix. At launch, the service will offer over 1,500 films from Sony Pictures and MGM Studios, “among others,” according to an AT&T spokesperson. 

Currently Netflix wears the crown in the video streaming industry with 25.1 million subscribers. AT&T, on the other hand, only has 4.3 million U-Verse pay-TV customers. Verizon is also looking to become a player in the industry with the recent beta launch of Redbox Instant.

[via Bloomberg]