25 Books That Will Make You a Better Person

Just Kids

Author: Patti Smith
Released: 2010
Guaranteed to improve: Your starving artist game (slightly less O.G. but still O.G. style).

One can't help but wonder if Just Kids will stand along side A Moveable Feast as an inspirational text of the young artist's struggle, doled out by "the cool English teacher" to high school kids who want nothing more than to ditch their one-horse town.

Instead of literary luminaries, the world of Just Kids is populated with giants of '60s counter-culture and rock 'n' roll. This is the New York of Andy Warhol, Jimi Hendrix, and Allen Ginsberg. What makes this book great and deeply relevant is similar to what makes A Moveable Feast endure. This is not a book caught up in a self-important time warp. This is a story of celebration and love between two young artists who knew each other's talent before anyone knew their names.

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