Neighborhood: Manhattan
Address: Everywhere
Date Visited: 12/2, 12/9, 12/16
Smelled Like: Low-grade Cleaning Solution
Most Heinous Feature: That guy in front of you in line.

Note: Though there are Starbucks locations everywhere, the photos above come from locations near Union Square

Walking into a Starbucks bathroom is like playing the lottery. We applaud the tireless efforts of baristas to keep the facilities in working order while making caramel macchiatos for assholes, and don't envy their lot. For the most part, they do a great job.

That said, every New Yorker has their own horror story about the time they used a 'Bucks bathroom after a particularly depraved individual. When you lose the bathroom lottery, you lose hard. Shit gets graphic, in every possible sense. Combine that with long lines, unrelenting tunes from singer-songwriters blaring from the speakers, and the endless prattle of freelance writers, designers, and students, and the Starbucks bathroom experience can easily be low point of your week.