Sega has announced the release of a trio of classic fighting games on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network for 400 Microsoft Points/$5, respectively. The trailer above highlights all three titles, which were originally developed by Sega AM2 for the arcade between 1994 and 1996.

Here are the official descriptions:

Fighting Vipers: Fight with flair in the return of Fighting Vipers, the classic arcade game from AM2 that was later playable on the Sega Saturn. Choose one of nine zany characters--including Grace the roller blader and Raxel the metal guitarist-- and break your opponent's costume-based armor to maximize damage. Take advantage of all-new online modes to battle friends across the world.

Sonic the Fighters: Join Sonic and friends in battle in this classic arcade game from AM2. Originally on consoles as part of the Sonic Gems collection, Sonic the Fighters is back with an all-new online mode, including both online versus and tournament play. In single player mode, choose from 10 playable characters and fight through 8 stages to stop Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic from unleashing the Death Egg II!

Virtua Fighter 2: Experience the legendary polygon-based 3-D graphics and fluid fighting mechanics that made the game so influential in the arcades, and later on the SEGA Saturn. With all-new online play, you can battle friends throughout the world.

All three games are available now. Do you remember playing these ones in the arcade?