Sound Shapes

Developer: Queasy Games

Platforms: PlayStation Vita

Release Date: August 7, 2012

Music-genre games that don't go down the Rock Band or Guitar Hero route tend to wind up being less than stellar. That can't be said about Queasy Games' Sound Shapes. Rather than forcing the player along a designated path and having them adapt to the music as it comes, this game allows players to define the soundtrack based on their actions.

Collecting notes in each level to add layers to the music is both compelling and rewarding as the tunes produced reach new depths. With songs composed by the likes of Jim Guthrie and Beck, there is some serious talent at play here.

The best of it all though is the level editor which allows players to act like a hybrid level designer/musician as they create their own masterpieces. It's surprisingly simple to do, but if that's not your thing it just means there's more content for you to enjoy thanks to its fervent community.