A Belgian man wants to put an end to his 19-year marriage after learning that his wife was born a man. The man, who goes by "Jan" and refused to provide a last name, says he feels "assaulted." “I thought she was an attractive womanall woman. She had no male traits," he added. The 64-year-old says he met Monica nearly two decades ago when she worked as an au pair for his family. He says he brought Monica, now 48, back to Belgium. The task proved to be difficult.

Belgian courts doubted the authenticity of her birth certificate and other forms of identification, but eventually accepted them. That should have triggered Jan's suspicion from the beginning. The couple decided not to have kids because Jan already had two from a previous relationship, and she used sanitary napkins while pretending to menstruate. He says he never even noticed anything during sex.

Once Monica got a new job, things began to get strange. Jan's oldest son saw her wearing revealing clothing at nightclub's, and Jan caught her sending "suspicious messages" to other men. Jan finally elected to confront her about the rumors of her being born a man, and Monica confessed. She said she was born male, then underwent a procedure. Police had to be called to the house following Monica's confession.

Jan says he's now receiving psychiatric treatment, and Belgin courts have rejected past requests to have the marriage annulled. The couple has still been living together.

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[via NY Daily News]