Year: 2013
Rating: 87
Crucial Stat: 16.2 PER
The Difference: When UConn lost to George Mason in the 2006 NBA tournament, I was happy. An underdog shocked a perennial contender and Rudy Gay lost. Rudy Gay was supposed to tear college basketball up that year and he didn't. When he was drafted by the Rockets and traded to the Grizzlies, I was happy. The Grizzlies were bottom-feeders of the first order. When the Grizzlies made a surprise playoff run in 2011, it was because Zach Randolph was awesome and Rudy Gay was out hurt. For years I had been reading about how Rudy Gay was incredible and going to do so and so and he never did. That's a lie though. Rudy Gay is very good at basketball, but he is not as good at basketball as his teammates Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph who check in with dual 83s to Gay's 87 in this year's version. Randolph and Gasol make up arguably the best frontcourt in the NBA on what is arguably the best team in the Western Conference this season. But in video games it's Gay who is the beast. He slashes to the hoop like a young Kobe and can hit Js in transition like few others. Maybe he really is an 87, but there's no way the beasts roaming the paint and getting him open looks (have you seen those two pass? Swoon.) shouldn't be rated higher.