Year: 2012
Rating: 76
Crucial Stat: 15.2 PER
The Difference: JR Smith is a troll favorite in just about any iteration of the game he's featured in. He dunks, he rains threes. He's great. If you played with the Knicks at all in 2K12, you undoubtedly "fixed" the roster so that he started instead of Landry Fields. The joy he can bring to you as a pixelated chucker and skyflyer is only matched by the joy he brings to the world everyday as a user of Twitter. After playing for a bit in China during the lockout prior to last season, he joined the Knicks in February 2012 and was rated a 76 overall. His PER the prior season was 16.4 and last season he clocked in at 15.2, but that 76 doesn't take into account this tweet from 2012 Knicks media day from HoopsWorld's Tommy Beer: JR Smith, when asked if there is any shot he doesn't like: "Well... not too many of them," said Swish smiling. That is JR Smith in a nutshell. There are bigger chuckers in the league, and on this list, but he is one of the most infuriating ones because a thirty-foot heat-check three is just the same to him as a driving layup (something he could probably do most of the time if he wanted to). It's also what makes Swish a joy to watch if you're not a Knicks fan and a pleasure to control with a PS3 controller regardless.