Obviously, only one-half of this hookup is the stuff of gag reflexes. Back in the '80s, Heather Locklear was one of the baddest chicks in the game, a blonde number with stunning facial features and tight curves that should make modern-day equivalents like Blake Lively and Amber Heard insanely jealous. And in the schlocky, fun sequel The Return of Swamp Thing, Locklear spends a good amount of time in a one-piece lingerie look, which, it goes without saying, upgrades an otherwise campy flick into must-see territory.

That is, everything except the moments when she and Swamp Thing get romantically close. For a scientifically mutated bog creature, Mr. Thing definitely has some impressive game; he's able to make the sexiest woman around fall head over heels for him (or it?), but that also means ST and Locklear's Abby Arcane get a little physical. Watching her "go green" is only erotic for casual gardeners and marijuana growers.