You have to feel bad for Paul, the doomed Cabin Fever protagonist randomly played by Boy Meets World alum Rider Strong. All his life, he's harbored intense feelings for longtime BFF Karen (Jordan Ladd), and on a trip to that grand old horror movie staple, the cabin in the woods, he finally gets the chance to make his move. It's just too bad that a flesh-eating virus has been spreading throughout the woods, and it's made its way into his friends' current vacation spot.

Late into writer-director Eli Roth's feature film debut, Strong's character snuggles up next to Ladd's in an effort to comfort her, being that she's fallen extremely ill. Letting his hand do the comforting, Paul notices that his fingers, which have ventured "downstairs" and are giving Karen the moans, feel quite gooey; lifting them up close to his eyes, he sees that they're covered in blood.

Why? Because Karen's thigh is virus central, rotting away as chunks of skin fall off and give the red stuff room to flow. Where's a batting glove when you need one?