Season: 1
Air Date: 11/2/11

Most of American Horror Story's first season ended up being more interested in fetishistic shock value and gross-out gags than traditional scares, but "Halloween Part 2," far and away the strongest hour of the season, fittingly plays up the haunted house aesthetic when Hayden's (Kate Mara) ghost returns to punish Ben (Dylan McDermott) and torment Vivien (Connie Britton) with classic scares like creepy mirror messages and microwave-nuked dogs.

The strongest subplot belongs to Tate (Evan Peters) and Violet (Taissa Farmiga), whose romantic date is interrupted by a group of gorily-dressed teens who claim they know Tate from high school. When Violet (finally) realizes that their bullet holes and mangled bodies aren't actually costumes, she confirms one of the season's most successful plot twists: Tate is a ghost himself, and his dreams of shooting up his school actually happened. His victims are using the Halloween-mandated dead-shall-walk rule to exact revenge on him in the after-life.

The episode ends on a great, melancholy note as Ben and Vivien survive Hayden's attack but their marriage does not, followed by a fantastic shot of the various Murder House ghosts returning to the crib walk-of-shame style, once again confined to haunting within the premises.