As anticipated, the iPhone 5 has completely upgraded its display to keep inline with the advancements happening on the Android side. For the iPhone 5, Apple has developed an entirely new four-inch (.5-inches larger than the 4S) display that doses away with an entire lay to make it much thinner. The layer that was discarded was responsible to registering touch gestures. This is now the integrated into the display itself.

The display is also, according to Apple, much sharper, with 44% more color saturation. It’s still considered a Retina Display and has an output of 326 PPI and a resolution of 1136 x 640. Watching movies on the iPhone 5 should be a much more enjoyable experience now that it has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ration.

All apps won’t work on the iPhone 5 at launch. As was the case when the original iPad launched, the apps will fit the screen; they will become centered and two black bars will appear on the top and bottom of the display. Apple says app makers are working to adjust their apps, and that it has worked with some companies to have iPhone 5-ready apps available when it drops in late September.