Yesterday, Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 6. According to Apple, the number of new features crammed into the software is somewhere north of 200. As is the case with all new operating systems, a large group of consumers are weary of making the switch, not convinced the new OS is worthwhile. Well, let us tell you that, yes, iOS 6 is worth the download. It's the most refined version of iOS to come out of Cupertino and boasts some really dope new features like the ability to take panoramic photos, and make FaceTime calls over your cellular network. There are new apps like Passbook that let you store digital coupons and tickets. Even Safari got a spit-shine, with new iCloud Tabs that let you take your browsing to any iOS device. 

But there are some issues. A big topic of discussion was the absence of Google Maps and the lack of features in the new Apple Maps app. Even though we haven't experienced any, there were reported issues with Wi-Fi connections. Look, we get it. Your phone is nearly as dear to you as your girlfriend and you don't want to download something that you'll wind up hating. We hear you. For those of you that haven't yet made the switch, we went through and listed the 10 things you should know before making the upgrade.