Director: Woody Allen

Since his 1966 feature film debut, What's Up, Tiger Lilly?, the tireless Woody Allen has completed over 40 movies—at an average of nearly one new film a year, that's an incredible work ethic, no doubt. Putting so much original material into the marketplace also leaves one vulnerable to numerous miscues, and the proud Bronx native has fallen short of greatness on several occasions, most recently, in fact, with the June release To Rome with Love.

Picking the worst Woody Allen film wasn't easy but, ignoring the appeal of Scarlett Johansson in that red bikini (seen above), his 2006 dramedy Scoop seems like a fair selection. At the time, Johansson was Allen's "muse" and all, but that doesn't excuse her awkward attempts to mimic the writer-director's signature brand of droll one-liners and social discomfort.

Johansson isn't most at fault here—the bulk of the blame, of course, goes to Mr. Allen himself, who wrote and shot Scoop with such a lazy eye that it's ultimately just a sad reminder of his earlier, inspired blends of silly comedy and light drama.