If Survivor were to get rid of its cast of uppity suburbanites and substitute in a bunch of gun-toting, beer-guzzling backwoods types, the result would be CMT's Redneck Island.

Of course, it's much more entertaining to watch the misfit castaways duking it out on a uninhabited Mexican island and competing with the offbeat skills they've honed back home. Their talents include opening beer cans with their teeth, chasing chickens, and herding a mean cattle. Seriously, one of the contestants, a sunny blond named Jeannie, managed to lasso a full-ride rodeo scholarship.

God among Southern men, Steve Austin, hosts the challenges, where contestants compete for luxurious prizes like a private outhouse, an ice cold case of beer, and a fine meal of freshly prepared lizard. To each redneck palette, his own.