After being chased by a man in a gorilla suit, a man was hit by a car in San Antonio after darting into traffic on Friday night, but it didn't go down at all like you probably think. According to a witness, 32-year-old Paul Nimnicht ran onto the highway after midnight while being pursued by a man in a gorilla and was struck so hard that it literally knocked him out of his shoes. 

As it turns out, the man in the suit was actually an employee for the tropical-themed nightclub Coco Bongo. He told police that Nimnicht was at the club that night, and mentioned that he wanted to kill himself shortly before making a break for the highway. The man in the gorilla was actually trying to stop him, but after two cars avoided him, he was hit by a white Infiniti.

Nimnicht was taken to a local hospital for treatment, and he's currently in stable condition.

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[via The Huffington Post]