Author: Stephen King
Released: 1977
Genre: Horror fiction

If you're ever lucky enough to meet Stephen King, don't tell him that you love Stanley Kubrick's film translation of his novel The Shining—King hates it.

And why? Because Kubrick's interpretation of the Torrance family's nightmarish stay inside the very haunted Overlook Hotel is drenched in cold cynicism and one-note darkness. King's novel, however, while still scary as all hell, is a much more sentimental, and, in turn, emotionally potent yarn, one that's more preoccupied with developing sympathetic characters than it is pounding readers with Kubrick's brand of ghoulishness.

Fun Fact: The Shining derives from an overnight experience King and his wife, Tabitha, had inside the Stanley Hotel, an establishment near the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado, that's said to be haunted.