Remember Katie Holmes' appearance on Punk'd back in 2005? Ashton set her up by staging a meeting between her and a producer at his apartment, where she witnessed the producer making out with his mistress. When Katie was confronted by the producer's girlfriend, who demanded that Katie reveal what she knows about his affair, she became adorably flustered, nearly bursting into tears during the interrogation.

Where has that down-to-earth girl gone? Damn if we know, but we do know how she can convince the world she still lies somewhere in the hardened rubble that is Katie's soul: reality television. 

Don't get us wrong, reality is a deplorable career move for anyone not named Kardashian, but in Katie's case, it would be a wonderful way to give the world a much needed glimpse into her true self (if unscripted). And, after years of plastic smiles and alarmingly affectionate poses on the red carpet with Tom, we understandably need a little convincing that there is still a real person in there.

Considering that Katie recently made a soon-to-be-aired appearance on Project Runway: All Stars, we suggest she do a single season stint on her own reality show focusing on the evolution of her clothing line, Holmes & Yang. It would be called Katie Does Couture and it would focus on Katie's efforts to launch her line from obscurity to the stuff of fashion obsession. Suddenly we'd see Katie as what we hope she really is—ambitious, talented, independent, and most importantly, human.