If Katie Holmes had the moxie to single-handedly expose The Church of Scientology, she would undoubtedly get widespread props. Many speculate that a confidentiality clause in her marriage would legally restrict her from attempting this, so if she were able to pull it off, risks and all, it would be that much more impressive a feat.

The fact that Katie was even able to serve Tom with divorce papers has many assuming that Scientology's grasp on her has been considerably weakened since several key members of the church have already spoke out against its unorthodox methods. There have also been persistent claims that Katie's impetus for divorcing Cruise is protecting Suri from the church's controversial practice of "sec checking," which requires children from ages 6-12 years old to be hooked up to an e-meter device while being morally interrogated with ambiguous questions like, "Have you ever gotten yourself dirty on purpose?"

Katie needn't orchestrate the collapse of Scientology, but at some point, she should address her experiences (and, hopefully, reservations) frankly in order to separate herself from her soon-to-be ex-husband's bizarre belief system. We're not suggesting she suddenly revert to her former Catholic school girl ways (even Jesus would find that improbably miraculous) but distinctly distancing herself from the ideology by sharing what she knows about the assumed cult would go a long way for her image.