In the wake of 2002’s excellent, indie-minded Punch-Drunk Love, Sandler has starred in some of the lamest rom-coms to infect cinemas. Aside from poor writing, flat jokes, and sophomoric sensibilities, these “heartfelt” flicks are often hindered by someone other than Sandler himself. To put it simply, he has awful taste in actresses. We don’t mean looks wise, mind you, because he does have quite the eye for beauties. But not ones who can act well.

Case in point: Brooklyn Decker, the first-time actress whose Sports Illustrated swimsuit body is the only thing she brings to Just Go with It. Or Jessica Biel, who, again, offers little more than physical hotness in I Know Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Which is something that, unfortunately, can’t be said about the all-around bland Katie Holmes (Jack and Jill).

It’s not like there aren’t any sexy ladies out there who are also skilled performers and, most importantly, hilarious. There’s Aubrey Plaza, the Parks and Recreation scene-stealer who’s wonderful in the terrific new time travel comedy Safety Not Guaranteed; Alison Brie, Community’s GIF queen who killed it in the unfairly dismissed Jason Segel/Emily Blunt film The Five-Year Engagement; and, for the older crowd, Amy Poehler, the Parks and Rec headliner who’s yet to dominate the big screen in a big-time film.

Any of them would certainly hold their own. Hell, they’d all outshine Sandler in his own movie, but maybe that’s what the guy needs to recharge his batteries, so to speak.