Yet another man has fallen victim to the tempting facade of the New York Times headquarters, which features a very-climbable lattice-like structure that begs to be taken on. Well, if you're crazy (and roughly 1/4 of New Yorkers fall under this psychological umbrella).

The latest, a news-obsessed man who made it to the fifth floor of the midtown building. When he was asked to dismount by the NYPD, he climbed down and stated his case: He just wanted a damn newspaper.

Fair enough. But we have to be honest, guy, your news thirst is pretty weak. The last three climbers (back in 2008) made it much higher (one to the 11th floor, and two to the roof). Next time, brush up on your rock climbing skills, or make your way into your local bodega like the rest of us.

[via NY Post]