A mugger was killed early last Saturday after getting into a fight with a former high school wrestler that he was attempting to rob. Hopefully, a good warning to any people debating on mugging someone: Just don't, because it's wrong, and this could happen.

The mugger, who was 30-year-old Gian Davis, approached the ex-wrestler and his friend on a street and asked them for change. When they said they didn't have any, Davis then asked if he could use one of their cell phones to call for a cab. When one retrieved their phone to call a cab, Davis attempted to grab the cell and began hitting the man in the head - a plan that didn't work, because it prompted the man's friend, who was an ex-wrestler, to grab Davis and put him in a headlock. According to police, the headlock was so strong that it choked Davis to death.

The two men do not have any charges against them, and are cooperating with police.

[via New York Daily News]