Good news for Skyrim's enormous PC player base: Bethesday will be releasing their very own development tools, the Creation Kit, to the public in January. That means the original content will start flowing soon after and, if the still-thriving modding communities for Morrowind and Oblivion are any indication, there will be no limits to what players will be able to create in Skyrim.

Bethesda revealed on their blog that they're also planning on making user-generated content easier and more convenient to access by integrating it with Steam. You'll still be able to download and install the mods through whatever channels you used to, be they fan sites or whatever, but in January you'll also be able to hop onto Steam, browse the different mods, rate them, and even flag them for download later. They're comparing it to Netflix's instand queue.

Fucking. Awesome. PC gamers deep into Skyrim are officially screwed—as if the game wasn't endless enough, we're about to be hit with years and years worth of additional content. Now if I can only figure out how to transfer my Xbox 360 save to my PC.