We admit it: Our motives in watching women's sports are dubious at best. It's not that we aren't impressed by their skills or can't respect their athletic prowess; we're just so focused on how damn good they look in their uniforms that it's hard to concentrate on what they're actually doing on the field.

Which is why we have the deepest appreciation for cheerleaders. The girls on the gridiron not only work up a serious sweat, but look painfully sexy while doing so. And, best of all? Cheerleading precedes a sport we actually enjoy in its own right: football!

We're not the only ones aware of this phenomena. CMT (Country Music Television) has been fueling our obsession since 2006 with their reality  series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team. The show follows dozens of gorgeous women as they audition for the NFL franchise's beloved squad; eager to join the sexy ranks of cheerleaders past, the contestants will stop at nothing to secure their spot.

With Making The Team launching into its sixth season tonight at 10pm EST, we thought we'd take a long stare back at the most alluring Dallas pom-pom girls to ever hit the field, the ladies who've had men panting on the sidelines and squinting from their couches ever since they made their debut in white-and-blue back in 1972. Give us an "H", and an "O", and a "T" as we count down the 50 Hottest Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Of All Time.