Sega has been living high off the hedgehog for many years now, so much so that those ‘90s babies have never heard of their more storied franchises. Looking to school the young about the golden years of the company, Sega says that we can expect to see several of its old properties reinvented and risen from the gaming grave in the coming years.

Sega West president Mike Hayes told VG247, "We constantly review the IP we've got in the locker because that's one of Sega's big advantages." "We think, 'How could we release those and if so, what are we going to do? Will it be a big game, digital, free-to-play?" They're already planning a new Shinobi (a classic if we must say) for Nintendo 3DS, and hope that the game can reinvigorate an interest in the dormant franchise. They can keep such titles like Ecco the Dolphin and Jet Set Radio in that closet, though. We'll take updated versions of ToeJam & Earl and Shenmue any day!

[via VG247]