sonic4Sonic 4 snuck into the iPhone app store last night! In other news, Charles Hamilton has barricaded himself inside the Apple Store in Nobuzzville Soho. [IGN]

Jersey Shore as an RPG, courtesy of Funny or Die. Every time those guys do something we wish we had thought of, we die a little bit inside. This made us order a MedicAlert bracelet. [Kotaku]

That 25th Anniversary Mario box set looks like it's coming to the UK. At this rate, we should get it juuuuuuust about the time Nintendo goes high-def. [The SIxth Axis]

Turns out you should NEVER CLICK THE UPPER LEFT CORNER IN MINESWEEPER. And if you're actually worried about the algorithms used in programming Minesweeper, go watch some porn. Please.. [Tech User]

Hear ye, hear ye, all emo PS2 fans: there is a new Shenmue on the way! What's that? It's only in Japan? And it's a mobile game? Hear ye, hear ye, all emo PS2 fans: good thing you probably already live in Japan! [Guardian UK]