Normally, our interest in cinematic trivia is limited to such classics like The Godfather, but this is a special occasion. Lee Unkrich, the director of Toy Story 3, hopped on Twitter to drop a bit of fun knowledge that caught our attention. Although Pixar fans and movie nerds have long known the history behind how the first film ever made with CGI came to be, we didn't know that Toy Story was never meant to be the project's official title.

Unkrich shared some of the 200 rejected titles on his Twitter timelime and provided an interesting back-story to how Pixar submitted ideas at the time. Here's the list below:

  • The New Toy
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Moving Buddies
  • To Infinity and Beyond
  • Wind-Up Heroes
  • The Cowboy & The Spaceman
  • Spurs & Rockets
  • Bring Me The Arm of Buzz Lightyear
  • Wind the Frog
  • Rex’s First Movie
  • For the Love of Peep
  • Toyz in the Hood
  • Each Sold Separately
  • Wings & Pullstrings
  • Some Assembly Required
  • The Favorite

There's a pretty interesting bunch from the funny (Toyz in the Hood) to the simple, yet deceptive (The New Toy) to the groan-inducing (Rex's First Movie) to the hardcore-gangster (Bring Me The Arm of Buzz Lightyear). The Coen Brothers would simply own Bring Me The Arm and make it a crazy CGI bloodfest unworthy of Pixar studios. What do you think about these rejected titles? Was Toy Story ultimately the best choice? Or would you have chosen another? 

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[via /Film]