Looks like our list of things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving just got a little longer. Now, when we say our thank yous for turduckens and touchdowns, we'll also have to give a shout out to Pixar for the extra helping of Buzz and Woody the animation company will be doling out this November.

While the jury is still out a whether a full-length Toy Story sequel is in the works, Pixar has confirmed that there will be a new Toy Story cartoon short, titled Small Fry, attached to the upcoming Muppets movie, which is set to be released November 23rd.

At Disney's D23 convention this Saturday, Pixar also revealed that two brand new movies are on the way. The first film, which is slated for Winter 2013, will revolve around dinosaurs and be based on the premise that the asteroid responsible for making dinosaurs extinct has missed Earth, allowing them to live on. The second movie has an anticipated release date of Summer 2014 and ventures into a territory most cartoons never explore: "the world inside your own mind". This cerebrally-centered cartoon will be directed by Pete Docter (the man behind Up and Monsters Inc.) and will attempt to solve mental mysteries, like how people make decisions, why we remember and how we forget, and will even tackle the perplexing question that has plagued mankind for centuries: "why do songs get stuck in our heads?"

 Way to get all deep on us, Pixar.

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