24. SPAWN (1997)

No comic book character was as big as Spawn in the mid '90s. Todd McFarlane’s vision of a war between heaven and hell, with a hell-spawn named Al Simmons caught in the middle, was an instant hit amongst fans. The book routinely sold millions of copies a month. Of course, its success made some Hollywood suits salivate at the mere thought of a big budget blockbuster adaptation. The only problem was the whole “big budget” part.

Touting some cheap special effects and gruesome acting, Spawn turned out to be a huge disappointment. It had little resemblance to McFarlane’s ultra-violent comic and the whole thing was truncated into a scant 90-minute running time. But what’s even worse is the final battle between Spawn (Michael Jai White) and Malebolgia, which features Sega Saturn-level visuals.