It's looking pretty certain that the next season of MTV's mainstay The Real World could be set in San Diego. Again. If you recall, the show made the city its home back in 2004 for its 14th season (which just so happens to be the glorious season that brought us Jamie Chung, so you should recall very well).

MTV is remaining mum on the topic, but some rather ace sleuthing by a few determined bloggers has revealed that a house had been leased in the affluent community of La Jolla (thanks to this article).

A blogger at Vevmo has posted pictures of the house here, and though the furniture has been removed, the space looks pretty badass. Think of all the ways they can tear that shit up!

Permits have even been pulled by the show's production company, RW Productions, to film all over San Diego this summer.

While this is all well and good, though, why the city repeat? Sure, technically it'd be in La Jolla, but that's still a neighborhood in San Diego, and still firmly in the category of been there, done that. They have the whole world to work with—it's impossible to run out of cities after a measly 25 seasons. We can only hope they're planning on making up for it with the cast. Bring on the crazies!

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