2002 wasn’t a very good year for Cuba Gooding, Jr. Six years removed from his Oscar-winning performance in Jerry Maguire, the once-hot actor took a beating from critics throughout ’02, starring in the abysmal Boat Trip, the lame musical dramedy The Fighting Temptations, and Snow Dogs, a middling children’s film in which eleven canines run circles around him performance-wise.

In this case, though, Gooding, Jr. laughed all the way to the bank—Snow Dogs inexplicably earned $82 million domestically, despite offering little more than pratfalls and wide-eyed expressions from its unfortunate star. The dogs themselves aren’t even in the movie all that much, but their scenes are much-needed diversions from Gooding’s awkward and tedious physical comedy. He should’ve just coughed up his Best Supporting Actor trophy and given it to whichever pooch who barked first.

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