It's a week of generosity, people. Now that Complex Gaming has its very own Twitter feed, we want followers. Many followers. MILLIONS of followers. Though we'd be happy with starting small. So in the ongoing quest for them, we're giving away six copies of Bulletstorm (three Xbox 360 versions, three PS3 versions). It's so easy, even a flail-gun-toting booze-soaked space pirate could do it!

1. Follow @ComplexVG on Twitter.

2. Let us know why you want a copy by Tweeting it at us, beginning as such (without quotes): ".@ComplexVG I want #Bulletstorm because..." Don't forget that period before the @ComplexVG!

3. Be creative! 

4. See #1. We had some great entries in yesterday's Killzone 3 giveaway, but they weren't from followers so we couldn't hit them off.

Now get to it. We're thiiiiis close to taking these games to the strip club to see what we can get for them.