If the previous rumors about the impending MacBook Pro updates didn't have you excited, maybe this new one will get you hyped. According to MacTrast, a source has tipped them off that the next round of MacBook Pros will be made of Liquidmetal, a light-weight, high-strength metal that can be processed like plastic.

A year ago, Apple signed a deal to use Liquidmetal in its future products. It was rumored then that the material would be used in the new iPhone and iPad, but if the MacTrast source is to be believed, it will replace aluminum in the new top-of-the-line MacBooks. This will shave off over a pound from each MacBook model.

According to the source, and other reports, the new MacBooks will be powered by Intel's new Sandy Bridge architecture, and will have 20% better battery life and lower energy consumption.

They'll also be cheaper. MacTrast's source says that the MacBook Pro pricing will run as follows: $1099 for the 13-inch, $1549 for the 15-inch, and $2099 for the 17-inch.

While this all sounds dope, we have some reservations about the Liquidmetal part. As Cult of Mac writer John Brownlee pointed out, it seems a bit too early for Apple use Liquidmetal is such large quantities. The last we heard about Apple's use of the material, it was to be used as part of the iPhone's SIM card ejection tool. But, as with all things Apple, we'll just have to wait and see.

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