Album: "Dial A Freak" - Single
Label: Freak Beat Records
Producer: Egyptian Lover/Mr. Prinze

By the time “Dial-A-Freak” was released in 1984, Uncle Jamm’s Army really was an army. Led by Rodger Clayton, The Harbor City-based crew of DJs and musicians had been promoting and performing at house parties since the early 1970s, and they were almost single-handedly responsible for cultivating the first wave of L.A. electro and hip-hop innovators, including Egyptian Lover, Arabian Prince, Ice-T, DJ Pooh, DJ Bobcat, and the World Class Wreckin Cru.

Clayton’s roots were in the meaty, friendly party funk of the Ohio Players and Earth, Wind & Fire, but “Dial-A-Freak” is evacuated of anything organic. It’s a cold rush of wind for an extremely hot party. There's a smell hanging in the air that isn’t weed—something unrecognizably metallic.

One minute you're under the stars on Venice Beach with Egyptian Lover, next thing you know you're riding a camel through the sands near the Pyramids! He’s telling the truth when he raps: “Some say I’m conceited/But I can’t be beated.”