Producer: Jerry Venable
Album: Marchin' On
Label: Strata-East

Amir: "The Beatnuts used that first [on 1994's 'Ya Don't Stop'], then later on Redman used it a couple times. The Beatnuts were famous for finding jazz samples. That was the era after Tribe released the first album, everyone was looking for jazz samples. They came to the next level and brought The Heath Brothers. It's still a talked about record, that's how much influence that sample and The Beatnuts had."

Kon: "That's when jazz in hip-hop was really at his peak. I think what Q-Tip did with that on 'One Love' was amazing. That is a very important record for Nas and one of my favorite ones from Illmatic."

Sampled On: Nas f/ Q-Tip "One Love" (1994)