Song: Common "Announcement" (2008)

You know that feeling of being a "conscious" rapper trying to make a "sexy" record and you're rapping about that one time you were enjoying sexual congress with a woman in the middle of the kitchen, and you need something to rhyme with "sink" but can't decide what to use? Well, learn from Common, the cautionary tale who decided to go with "mink." Because he's a rapper, so he's obviously purchased the woman he's having sex with on the sink a...mink. Who's he fucking, Mallory Archer? And also, he couldn't have gone with any of these? Or he couldn't have learned about rhyming descriptions of sex in the kitchen from R. Kelly, who did it three years before him and didn't need to rhyme "butter rolls" with anything but "butter rolls"? Sometimes, the path of least resistance is the best path to take. This was not one of those times.