If he wants to be the king, Drake should take the lofty expectations of fans and critics as a positive. (It's the silver lining to the should shrugs that his fourth studio album, VIEWS, received.) In 2016, when the line between mixtapes, albums, and "projects" is blurred beyond recognition, Drake is one of the few A-listers who seems to relish in the craft of album-making. (Of course, he's demonstrated that he can run the table with loosies alone, too.)

A Drake album is an event, one ripe for discussion and dissection—both pre and post release. Each studio album tells a new story but follows a predictable path, in terms of promotion—note the way he always announces the title first, and the ways said title reverberates in songs throughout the album—to the point where he leaves absolute heaters on the cutting floor if they don't mesh with the chosen vision. Meanwhile, the projects he dubs mixtapes still play like fully formed projects lesser artists would clamor to declare an official LP.

There's always a lot to unpack, and each new release in some ways affects the discussion about what came before. So, with VIEWS still fresh out of the oven, now's as good a time as any to evaluate the current state of Drizzy's discography.