In the wake of David Bowie's sudden passing, waves of tributes are filling the internet as everyone from collaborator Mick Jagger to Kanye West celebrate the life and memory of the iconic star. One of those memories included a 1993 interview where Bowie sat down with Bryant Gumbel and discussed his album, Black Tie, White Noise, on the TODAY show. In the interview, Bowie also opened up about his appreciation for hip-hop.

Gumbel asked, "You were saying that the only people in the music business now in your opinion who were being truly creative were the rappers," to which Bowie responded, "Yes, I believe that's so." He elaborated, "The quality and significance of the social message has moved very much to the black and hispanic market. And that's where the new force of music is coming from... With black music, there's a very strong social point to make. There's a means of discovery and a purpose."

The interview offers another telling glimpse into the artist who valued creativity and originality above all else. Watch it here and revisit our 2003 cover story with the late singer and Mos Def for more.