Throughout his long and innovative career, David Bowie consistently looked up to the heavens for inspiration. Now, the man who wrote songs like "Starman," "Space Oddity," and "Life on Mars?" will be able to inspire generations to come that gaze heavenward into the night sky having just received his own constellation.

Comprised of seven stars and shaped like his iconic Ziggy Stardust-period lighting bolt that adorns the cover of his Aladdin Sane album, the formation was awarded to him by the Belgian radio station Studio Brussel and MIRA Public Observatory. Rather fittingly, the constellation can be found in the general vicinity of Mars.

This is one of the many accolades and tributes Bowie has received in the wake of his recent passing. In addition to a massive ground swell of adoration at memorial concerts and on social media, his more ardent fans have already started multiple petitions to rename Mars after him, or to get his likeness put on the the British pound note.