In the latest act in the ongoing 50 Cent versus Meek Mill beef, the former took the stage in New York City last night and got the crowd going with a "fuck Meek Mill" chant. The Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper was performing a show at B.B. King's in Manhattan for the release of his latest project The Kanan Tapes Reloaded when he started in on his Philadelphia nemesis once again. "From now on, no more competition with niggas that didn’t sell over one million records,” 50 pronounced from the stage causing the crowd to respond in kind with the profane-chant.

The G Unit leader has been relentless in his attacks against Meek both on Instagram and in public in the weeks following the release of Mill's most recent EP 4/4. That album included the freestyle jam "Gave 'Em Hope" where he originally took aim at 50, rapping, "You know the game, if you co-sign a rat / You forever a rat, we were never with that / You tried to go "Money" May with that paper / But now you in debt cause you never was that." 50 very clearly took offense to the shot and has been going hard at Meek in response. Check out his most recent attack in the video above.