Label: 16 Inch
Year: 1999

Why?: How many trance songs became worldwide hits thanks to

While Darude was making happy hardcore before he went the trance route, it was "Sandstorm," which was the product of a week's work with a new writing partner, Jaakko "JS16" Salovaara, that catapulted this Finnish producer to stardom. This is one of those earworms that won't let go, for good or ill, but the most interesting fact is that this was around the time that, a website that we imagine many of you might not remember, was servicing MP3 files around the time they really started getting hot. Darude added "Sandstorm" to his page, and that link helped introduce this trance anthem to millions via the world wide web, leading the song to hit #1 in Norway, 200 techno and trance compilations, and over two million in sales. The track has also been used as a rallying cry in sports, been featured on Queer As Folk, as pro-wrestling entrance music, and as a meme. All of this for one week's work on a trance track.